"Queen of Somewhere... A beautifully produced, lushly detailed sound banquet built around Julianna McDuffie’s nuanced lyrics, which explore themes of discovery, loss and longing... McDuffie delivers her songs in a rich and compelling, closely miked voice, at a measured pace that largely tracks the rhythm of the heartbeat. She is not shy to explore sound in the service of her voice, and listeners who appreciate attention to aural detail will find a lot to like here—vocal treatments spiral and eddy, trailing their way though a sonic landscape that is recorded with a fine sense of spatial possibility..."

-iTunes Review, by edgemitchell

About the Blog

This blog originally started as a very specific means to an end.  I wanted to have my music available to Shuffler.fm-- a music service that finds and streams new music embedded in music blogs-- but, alas, no one was blogging about me, much less embedding any of my songs.

So I am blogging for myself.

As  I was designing and creating this blog, it occurred to me that I have SO MANY musician friends that could use the same outlet for their music, that I felt like I could very easily include them.

And so I am.

I belong to several software forums and have been making and producing music for a long enough time to have acquired some in-real-life friends in the process.  There are many, many musicians on these forums whose work I greatly admire, but who will never be heard in mainstream media for a plethora of reasons; A lack of marketing and the time to effectively promote themselves, the inability to play live shows and gain a following, etc, etc, etc.

So I have decided that this blog isn't just about me. It's about them, too.

It's about giving us all a platform for reviews, a place to showcase some of our work, and somewhere to post videos.  Because it's a terrible thing to pour your heart and soul into something only to find that you have no audience. Songs need to be heard. We need to be heard. We deserve this.

And that's all there is to it.

I called this blog "The Queen of Somewhere" for two reasons.  1.) It's what more than a few people called me following the release of my LP, "The King and Queen of Nowhere", and 2.) We all need to feel like we belong somewhere.

And here we are.


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