"Queen of Somewhere... A beautifully produced, lushly detailed sound banquet built around Julianna McDuffie’s nuanced lyrics, which explore themes of discovery, loss and longing... McDuffie delivers her songs in a rich and compelling, closely miked voice, at a measured pace that largely tracks the rhythm of the heartbeat. She is not shy to explore sound in the service of her voice, and listeners who appreciate attention to aural detail will find a lot to like here—vocal treatments spiral and eddy, trailing their way though a sonic landscape that is recorded with a fine sense of spatial possibility..."

-iTunes Review, by edgemitchell

About Julianna

Julianna is a vocalist, lyricist, musician and producer. As an Indie Electronic artist, she focuses on the darker side of Downbeat, Ambient and Chill, combining Industrial elements with Trip Hop beats, lo-fi effects, and folk influenced lyrics. She is known for her intimate singing style, cinematic, multi-layered and heavily fx'd backing vocals, and a flexible voice that ranges from light and ethereal to lush and powerful.

Classically trained by a former Met Soprano, Julianna has collaborated with artists around the world and appears on a variety of releases, ranging from experimental Hip Hop, IDM, Techno and Industrial Electronica. A native of Southeastern Ohio, she currently lives in Southern California.

Julianna's first solo LP, "The King & Queen of Nowhere", was released in November, 2014.​