"Queen of Somewhere... A beautifully produced, lushly detailed sound banquet built around Julianna McDuffie’s nuanced lyrics, which explore themes of discovery, loss and longing... McDuffie delivers her songs in a rich and compelling, closely miked voice, at a measured pace that largely tracks the rhythm of the heartbeat. She is not shy to explore sound in the service of her voice, and listeners who appreciate attention to aural detail will find a lot to like here—vocal treatments spiral and eddy, trailing their way though a sonic landscape that is recorded with a fine sense of spatial possibility..."

-iTunes Review, by edgemitchell

March 7, 2015

New Atlantis Audio

I've always used a lot of New Atlantis Audio sound design refills in Reason. I love Theo's crazy attention to detail in the creation process, his ability to hear the extraordinary and turn it into something new, interesting and ridiculously inspiring. Much of my LP has bits from his "Floe" refill, and I'm sure "Beast" is on there, too. I use his sounds as a starting point so often, that I forget they are even in the final product. They are like room dressing for me. You may not really notice it every time you walk in, but you are most comfortable in your own room.

So, it was especially nice to get this review from NAA... I subscribe to his email list serve (don't want to miss out on a deal), and a few months ago, he sent out a message that he was stuck inside a coffee shop for a few hours, and was requesting some listening material for the duration. I send him a link to a few songs, expecting that he'd get a million tracks, and that likely, he'd never hear mine.

But, he did.

And in his next email campaign letter, he wrote blurbs about four of the people who submitted.

I was one of them. Here's what he said:

"I'm rarely stoked on music that's heavy on vocals, but Julianna's voice is just too freakin' great to ignore. Not only can she ​sing like a mofo, she can produce the hell out of a track! And no matter how experimental she gets with super interesting fx processing and sounds, somehow she always manages to magically wrap it all up into a totally coherent, focused, and super Pro package. Very impressive."

New Atlantis Audio... currently working on a new project. I'll be watching.

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