"Queen of Somewhere... A beautifully produced, lushly detailed sound banquet built around Julianna McDuffie’s nuanced lyrics, which explore themes of discovery, loss and longing... McDuffie delivers her songs in a rich and compelling, closely miked voice, at a measured pace that largely tracks the rhythm of the heartbeat. She is not shy to explore sound in the service of her voice, and listeners who appreciate attention to aural detail will find a lot to like here—vocal treatments spiral and eddy, trailing their way though a sonic landscape that is recorded with a fine sense of spatial possibility..."

-iTunes Review, by edgemitchell

March 10, 2015

Lunesis - "Forever"

I start this journey with a friend.  And it's payment of a sort for him being the kind of stand up dude that keeps a forum running when the officially sanctioned forum decides that we've come to an end. Lunesis grabbed the reigns and started a brand new forum so the old forum members could all still discuss our common interest.  Over 800 people followed him over. It was pretty impressive.

I'll just be upfront, here, and confess that his voice makes me swoon. Yeah. So, there's that.

But he's much more than just a swoon-worthy voice.  His productions are always straight up ear-candy; highly evolved and with crazy attention to detail in his effects.  "Forever" is certainly no exception.

The synths here are ridiculously fat, almost to the point of bursting, like some honey-filled balloon. With a sweet string melody floating just above the synths, and plucking as the song develops, there's much to listen for, and each time I uncover another layer.

Lunesis has created a smooth-loping gait feeling, that neatly and sweetly propels the song. It's punctuated with some very mellow, yet wholly crisp percussive snaps (?) claps (?)--- somewhere in between a snap and a clap, which I find oddly fascinating--- and I know he's done some real tweaking here to find the perfect sounds.

"I get this feeling when I'm walking along 
It takes me over and feels so strong 
I dream about it every single night 

He has the sort of voice that I would happily go swimming in, and here, he deepens the pool for me, heavily and selectively fx'ing the word "Forever" with an echo verb that pulls me fast toward drowning, until a merciful echo release brings me back to my senses, though, it's almost a pity to come back out of the water.

There's nothing overdone here, nothing forced, nothing dissonant - Just a balm for the soul in an excellently crafted piece of synth pop.

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  1. Hey what a nice review. Artist supporting artist. Great blog idea. I hope it catches on.